Shikmona is a boutique consultancy and research agency, specializing in applied economic research for the public sector and for the maritime economy sector (Blue Economy).

We offer unique economic and policy studies that combine cross-referenced information and data from various sources (in the public domain and others), using big data tools and Geo-strategic research.

Our products present clear and implementable business insights and supportive tools for decision making and policy crafting.

Among our clients are the leading consulting firms in Israel, government ministries, academia and leading companies. 

Our worldview is free economy and trade within the boundaries set by both the government and the international community. Limits set, tested and enforced by constant dialogue with groups of stakeholders (employers, employees, consumers, the environment, government, national security, ethical norms, etc.).

Shikmona was founded by Ehud Gonen, who served as a diplomat and commercial attaché for Israel's foreign economic service, as a senior economist in the Ministry of Economics and Industry and a senior academic researcher. Ehud has over 20 years of experience in international activity, economic research and international business development.

Our fields of consulting and research: